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October 11, 2010

Video of the Week - 25 Things I Hate About Facebook

I found this about a year ago and thought this video was HILARIOUS!


  1. LOL-ROFL! I seriously didn't know half of those, my guiltiest thing is maybe regular statuses. Truthfully FACEBOOK is really just a true waist of time. Reading what everyone is doing... or reading all the bragging... LAME! I think often about deleting mine but then I wouldn't know what is going on with fam. Maybe I should just stop putting stuff up. IDK. Thanks for the laugh. CUTE LAYOUT TOO! jen

  2. That's hysterical! My hubby hates FB... I'll have to share that with him.

  3. LOL!!! Too funny. Now.....gimme this layout! NOW! LOVE this!! I have tried and tried the new design thing on blogger but I just suck at it. BOO!!!! You, my friend, are GOOOOOD!!