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October 7, 2010

Experimenting with Cloth Diapers

Cloth diapers, you say?  Yes, I am going to try and cloth diaper my new bundle of joy when he/she arrives, well not until 2 months old.

I have done a lot of research on cloth diapering since I found out I was pregnant.  It's seems like a great way for us to be green, save money and it's better for my little one's bottom.   Cloth Diapering is cheaper then using disposable diapers in the long run by the time your little one is out of diapers. That is one factor that is persuading me to try cloth diapers.  In the beginning, it will cost you to build up your stash of cloth diapers but just think that is all you have to buy.   You will save $2500+ over the course of your child being in diapers.

The cloth diaper I have chosen to start off with is a Hybrid.  Hybrid diapers offers a flexible, modern, eco-friendly alternative to traditional disposable diapers.  The convenience of disposable diapers coupled with the reusability of cloth diaper covers, hybrid diapers morph the best of both worlds. 

Each diaper consists of a washable, reusable cloth diaper cover which can be used with either biodegradable disposable inserts or washable cloth inserts; the choice is yours!

I have chosen to use the GroVia Shell System (AI2). You can watch this video on the GroVia (formerly GroBaby).

This brand you can use either the washable cloth soaker/insert or the biodegradable biosoaker disposable inserts.  

I ordered my first cloth diapering set of GroVia Part Time about a month or so ago for $146 on sale.  It comes with 6 shells, 12 soakers & 6 boosters to start out.   With GroVia (formerly GroBaby), you can use cloth soaker/insert or biodegradable biosoaker inserts that looks like a disposable.  You can compost, flush or toss the biosoaker.  It is also a one-size diaper and comes in different colors & patterns..yipee!  I have my mind set on cloth diapering....poop is a problem for me but there are so many alternatives to handle poo with cloth.  I will be using the flushable liners which go on top of the soaker or the mini shower.   If baby poops on the liner all I have to do is flush it with poop and the soaker is barely soiled with poop.  With the mini shower, all I have to do is spray off the poo in the toilet.  With the biodegradable biosoaker insert, I would just flush or poop anywhere on the shell.  There may be times but shouldn't be at every poo diaper. Check out the options for GroVia below.

I can already tell I'm gonna LOVE the GroVia above.  Now on to the next cloth diaper I'm interested in.

A couple of days ago, I found another great AI2 (all-in-two) / Hybrid cloth diaper and it's from the Willow Store and called Sprout Change.  This cloth diaper is a reversible shell so you get 2 great colors from one.  I learned about this cloth diaper through a blog I follow and read Baby Making Machine review and went to the Willow Store blog and found more reviews and Marine Parents review in particular.  I entered her giveaway to win one.  I hope I win.  Actually, the Sprout Change is cheaper than my GroVia.  I will definitely buy at least 3 of Sprout Change to test out before investing more money.   Sprout Change cloth diapers are one-size diapers as well but this one is very unique.  It has an adjustable waist band & leg gussets.  These remind me of the adjustable waist bands in my children's jeans.  If you get the picture.   

Click here to view the video of how Sprout Change works.

There is one more cloth diaper I would LOVE to try as well.  They are called Best Bottoms.  These cloth diapers are sort of like GroVia but cheaper and have double leg gussets.

They also have different colors which of course you know I love. I will DEFINITELY purchase some of these for sure!  You can watch the video on Best Bottoms, click here and here (customer review).

Here are some great sites that helped me in my decision and educated me on cloth diapers.

More than likely, I will use the Best Bottoms from birth since reviews show they can be used for newborns.  GroVia and/or Sprout Change will be used once munchkin hits 10+ pounds.  They seem to be kinda big for newborns even though they say that fit birth to potty training.

I'm really looking forward to cloth diapering using these systems. 


  1. When is your due date? My birthday is March 14. I guess it's too early to tell if it's a boy or a girl.

  2. I think for my next one (whenever that may be) I'd like to try some sort of hybrid diaper. I was going to try the G-Diaper but I might have to check out the GroVia too!

  3. I was also very excited while i was cloth diapering my baby. The whole experience was awesome and the cloth diapers are eco friendly and affordable too.