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About Me in Bits & Pieces

Hi, I'm Heather. 34. I am a daughter, little sister, mom, wife, christian, friend, designer, housekeeper,chef, nail biter, Photoshop junkie, cloth diapering addict, LOST fan and much more.  Late most of the time. Love to go barefoot. 30 Seconds To Mars is my all time favorite band!

I  am married to The Hubs whose a wonderful husband & father and  I'm a stay at home mom to 4 kidos ages 11, 7, 3 and our newest baby boy born 2/23/2011.  We have 2 fur babies Gypsy and Athena.  My kidos & doggies are the best, they fight, annoy, laugh and play with one another as well as Hubs & I.   We live in northwest Mississippi in a small city called Southaven, about 5 minutes from Memphis, TN.  We call it the Midsouth for some odd reason, we border Arkansas & Tennesse.

I love creating and sharing what I design.  I design for Leelou Blogs  which post FREE blogger templates and some Premades templates.  I started out back in 2006 making Myspace Layouts & then to Twitter Backgrounds. Now my designs have grown into blogger templates as you have already read.  Love to play around with HTML/CSS codes. Most people know me as Butterflygirlms.

To contact me, send all inquiries to:

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  1. hi! so nice to meet you and your family! :)

  2. Hi Heather,

    I found your blog through Just So Scrappy... isn't Katie the best??!!! So I head on over here and am smitten with your blog. I am a bit older than you, 45 ... but you and I have many of the same interests. What did you think about the LOST finale? AND... most importantly... 30seconds to mars!.... what the weird thing is, is that my brother is in the music industry and is really good friends with the band. He spends a lot of time with them. I am going to tell him to check out your blog, so he can tell Jared about it. I want them to see what a devoted fan you are. I have some pictures of them, I'll ask if it's OK if I send them to you. Email me sometime and we'll chat. You sound like an awesome person. Michelle, I live in Ohio