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October 13, 2010

*NEW* Free Blogger Template: Patchwork

I know it's been a while since I have created any new free blogger templates over at Leelou Blogs.   I just received some awesome season/holiday kits that I can work with now.   I'll have more NEW seasonal templates this be on the LOOKOUT!

This template is posted over at Leelou Blogs under the Free Stuff tab or click links below the image to be taken to the appropriate template for the code & install instructions.

Patchwork Free Blogger Template


  1. So fabulous. You haven't done a full header, wrapper, footer template in a while. Love the details.

  2. It's amazing! looking foward to have those in my blog.
    But I can't get the patchwprk 2-column. Could you help me?


  3. asik gan hhh

  4. This is nice it's a shame it's not free on the other website