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March 5, 2010

I am finally gonna see......

30 Seconds To Mars in concert.  Memphis, TN has an international festival every year called Memphis in May International Festival.  The very first couple of days of this festival, they put on a music showcase called Beale Street Music Fest.  Today, they have announced their 2010 Line-up and guess who is gonna perform Friday night........30 Seconds To Mars! WOOHOO!  I was a little bummed when I saw that 30 Seconds To Mars announced their tour dates and Memphis was not on that list so you know  I am going to go to this festival, definitely, on Friday night.  I haven't been to the Music fest since 2002 and it was a BLAST!!! I would say it is about time.

Memphsi in May has other events throughout the month of May.  That have a week in honor of an international country.  The next week after that, they have the barbecue contest which is another must attend!  My sister's bf completes in the contest and they always have a blast.  I personally have not been to this before, maybe I will attend this year.  It would be so much fun.    On the last day of May, they have Susnet Symphony which is aired on our local channel and is absolutely breathtaking.

You should go to Memphis in May International Festival website and look around and view pictures they provide.  There are people who come from all over to attend Memphis in May festival.


  1. I see a few I would like to see on that list!! YAY for you getting to go!!! Awesome!! :D

  2. They have an awesome line-up this year!! I can't wait! I'm gonna buy our tickets next weekend :D

  3. Wow!! Congrats on your being able to attend. Sounds like so much fun!