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January 13, 2010

Design issues - Update

Update 1:11pmI've had Windows 7 for about a 2-3 months's still in the beta development even though they released it.  So when I tried to install my Photoshop CS3, it didn't work so I guessed it wasn't compatible YET.  Just a few minutes ago, I googled about CS3 being compatible and got a great link saying IT IS compatible so I decided to reinstall my CS3 and it works now.  They have fixed my issue.  I still may teach myself how to use GIMP, I also have PSP9 and know that program as well...doesn't hurt to know a few.

Since I have upgraded to Windows 7, my Photoshop CS3 wasn't compatible and it was recommend to to be removed prior to upgrading.  Mind you I got Photoshop free and now there isn't a way for me to upgrade Photoshop to be compatible with Windows 7.   I installed Photoshop CS4 30-day free trial and it is up in like 9 days after that I will have to purchase and it cost a whopping $699, too much money for me.  I'm not a happy camper at all about this.  I have spent the last 4 years learning & using Photoshop and now my other option is to start all over from scratch by using the FREE program called GIMP which is similar in some ways to Photoshop.  I just have to learn all over again.   I will try to spit out about 5 blogger templates before the end of the weekend and hopefully more before my trial is up. Wish me luck on learning GIMP, lets hope there are some good tutorials out there.  If you know of any GIMP tutorials, please send them my way.

My review of Windows word...AWESOME!!!  Everyone should get it.  It has some many things you can customize to your needs.  It is truly made by us, the consumers.


  1. But for everyone that has cs3 won't they have to repurchase too? Wonder why such a popular program isn't compatible? That is just weird. Another alternative might be ps elements. I have that and cs4 and I use elements when I create blog layouts, it's just easier for me. It's only like $99 or sometimes $79. Whatever you decide to go with good luck I love your stuff.

  2. I just found out it is compatible now. It wasn't when I upgraded. I am super happy I have my CS3 back...I really didn't like CS4.

  3. Happy for you that you have your CS3 back. But just in case you need the info in the future... you might bookmark this site for some GIMP Turorials. I have it bookmarked myself to look at some time "in my spare time" lol. I use PSE7. Love your layouts!!

  4. Thank you for your very helpful tutorials, I just used them to make my navigation bar transparent and to get turn my labels into a label cloud. Now to work on paring down how many appear but that's for later:)

    Do you even do consult or answer individual questions on coding? I'd like to eliminate my long skinny sidebar and make my posting column wider to fill in the gap. Everytime I play with the code it's a big disaster.