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September 23, 2011

One Size Diaper Project: 6 Months (24 Weeks)

Padded Tush StatsOne Size Diaper Project hosted by Padded Tush Stats.  This project will show how a one size (OS) cloth diaper fits on  your growing child.

With this project I can see how Keoni grows in them.  I'll update monthly on this project.   In the photos, I am using 6 different cloth  diapers, 4 are new.  Happy Heiny One for ALL in Snaps, and I've added some new diapers into the mix: Blueberry Basix AIO, Lovely Pocket Diaper Rave, Lovely Pocket Diaper Classic and DinkleDooz.

I've added some new diapers into the mix,  I'm sorry about being a month behind but it's been super busy here in my house.  Hoping to post 7 months project by the end of next week so I'll be up-to-date.

Keoni turned 24 weeks on Aug. 10 and 6 months on Aug 23 and these pictures were taken around those dates. He was weighing 17 lbs &  25 inches long.

***Happy Heiny OS Pocket
Happy Heinys are my all-time favorite diaper. They are super absorbent, great fit and pretty trim. These are the NEW OS which are call the ALL IN ONE. Overall, Happy Heinys get 10 stars ;)

***Blueberry Basix AIO Size Med (pocket)
Blueberry Basix is one of my newest stash member and it's side snapping. It's a sized diaper which I never thought I'd buy but hey I wanted to try it. So worth the try, love how it's a tongue style which means the soaker is sewn in and has enough to add it back in for extra absorbency and you still have a pocket if you want to add an insert for more absorbency. It's a great fit on my little guy and it's very absorbent. No complaints here. Overall, Blueberry Basix gets 5 stars

***Lovely Pocket Diaper RAVE OS Pocket (inner leg gussets)
LPD (Lovely Pocket Diapers) Rave is one of my newest diapers in my stash. I had to try it because it was only $12.50 (prints) & $12.00 (solids). The Rave has inner leg gussets which is awesome because it contains running poop & prevents leaks! Only thing the inner gussets make it harder to clean poo out.  They had great reviews so I ordered one. To my surprise, the diaper was great quality and super soft. Only downfall, it only comes w/ 1 insert. After trying it a few times, it's a super great diaper, very absorbent and Keoni stayed in it for 4 hours once (not recommended) It's a pretty trim diaper too. Overall, LPD Rave gets 5 stars.

***Lovely Pocket Diaper CLASSIC OS Pocket
LPD Classic (NO inner leg gussets) is an awesome diaper for the price ($7-Solid color & $7.50-Prints) I couldn't believe this great quality diaper was $7 and it works better then the name brands. VERY IMPRESSED with LPD Classics. Super absorbent & pretty trim too. Overall, LPD Classic gets 5 stars.

***DinkleDooz OS Pocket (I think this one is the trimmest & has the best fit)
This diaper was a FREE diapers I got from (coupon used) Very impressed with this diaper. Super absorbent and pretty darn trim if you ask me (well you can see for yourself) It has a high rise which is okay with me because Keoni can stay in it longer. My only issue is the waist snaps, there are 2 snaps right next to each other and to me is plain useless. I'd prefer they be spaced apart at least one in the middle like most diapers have. Overall, DinkleDooz gets 5 stars from me.

What diaper has the best FIT to you here?
What diaper looks the MOST TRIM?

*** 7 month project, I'll have ALL my diapers on here so you can see how other diapers look!

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