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September 11, 2010

Remembering 9/11

We shall never forget that grave day
Nor the lives which were taken away 

So closely we stood, so much to bear
September 11th stays so clear 

Forever changed, our will must endure
Keeping freedom strong within our shore 

The bridge of time holds so much to view
Some visions hold heartache, all too true 

Those faced with great loss, so understand
The ultimate cost of our free land 

God help each one as they meet each day
Your prayers could send your love their way 

Remember the brave who march for all
Completely committed to meet each call 

As each year passes before our eyes
Our way must sustain, no compromise 

Emotions do make us what we are
September 11th – Stays Never Far
by Roger Robicheau

How the US stood united after September 11th by Newsweek.


  1. I cried as I read and listened to this. Thank you for remembering

  2. Heart broken...let us never forget how we mourned together and stood together...united!!