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June 1, 2010

Vacation Approaching: June 4 -14

I can't believe my vacation is fast approaching.  I will be out of town June 4 - 14!  We are visiting The Hubs family in Long Island, New York.  We all are very, excited for this vacation.  We haven't been there since summer 2008, you can read my previous post on that here.

We do know what exactly we are doing while we are there.   First we will go into New York City Tuesday or Wednesday to the Toys-R-Us - Times Square, then off to the American Museum of Natural History and maybe Central Park Zoo.   Next, is The Hub's grandfather's 88th birthday, so the whole family will be there to celebrate this wonderful man.   One day sometime that week, we will go to the beach too.   The water is soo cold up there, hey but we love it.   We don't have beaches!   On Saturday the 12th, we will be going to Splish Splash Water Park.   We went back in 2008 and it was a blast.   They have great area for little kids ages 6 mos - 6 years.

I will of course have photos of our trip when we return.

For our trip, I had Sweet Pea's hair cut, what do ya think?

Oh yeah, I can't forget to leave out what Small Fry decided to do with my camera a couple of days ago.   He decided he wanted to take some pictures and BROKE the LCD screen.   I can't see what image I am taking.   So needless to say, I had to go buy an inexpensive camera before our vacation.   How lovely is that!

I have to say I got a really good camera for $110.  
Check out this video.

I almost forgot, over the holiday weekend, we had a family get together Saturday at my sister's house with swimming & grilling.   Today, both O-man & Sweet Pea have swimmer's ear in the same ear.  This is the first for both of them.   They have been swimming for years now and they all of a sudden get this before we go out of town. 
What else could happen? *knocks on wood*


  1. Heather--I hope you all have a real nice vacation!!
    Also, I LOVE your daughters's so cute :) She's so adorable!

  2. Sorry about the swimmers ear. Ouch. The haircut is adorable. I have always loved that cut. So sweet. Have a wonderful vacation.