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May 26, 2010

I can't believe it...

School is over for the summer. Today is my kiddos last day of school. I will be going to check them out so they don't have to spend all day, just enough time to eat lunch and get report cards. Summer is officially here. Time for sunscreen, flip flops, sleeping in, swimming pools, vacations, etc.

We are taking our vacation June 4 -June 13. We have made a tradition that every other year, we go visit The Hubs family up in Long Island, NY (Bayshore). It will be a road trip, takes us 2 days to get there. We usually always end up in New York City Toys-R-US Time Square Store. Let me tell you, it's FANTASTIC. They have a ferris wheel that the kids ride, 3rd floor is Lego Land with gigantic lego structures...O-man loves that floor. We go to the American Museum of Natural History. Last year we didn't get to see the dinosaur fossils, we had to catch the train. This year, we are definitely going back for that. We usually go to the beach too. We also went to the Bronx Zoo which is asking for donations to stay open.  We may go to the Central Park Zoo this time, not sure though.

To check out our last trip to NY in 2008, click here to view the pictures!


  1. That's awesome!!! Today is my last day of school, too! Well, tomorrow is, but I don't have to go, so I'm not:) That's cool that your going to NY! I'm going there this Saturday! I've never been there or anywhere really, so I am so excited! Haha! We're actually leaving on the 4th... :) Too bad I'll miss ya!

  2. Wow! Where has the time gone?? Summer vacation already! Enjoy you upcoming trip. Sounds like a lot of fun!! I have never been to the NY Toy store...must do that next time we go.

  3. Your vacation sounds like lots of fun! I'm a bit jealous that you're already out of school. The district I work in is out June 11 and my kids aren't done until June 18.

  4. I'm with you.. I'm ready for some summer time fun!!! Our kids don't get out of school until June 18th. Have a great vacay :)

  5. Sounds like a fun vacation. We will be in school until after you get back from vacation. Stinks for us.