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May 24, 2010

Summer Fun is here!

This past week, I went and bought the kids a pool and we The Hubs set it up on Saturday.  My kids and my neighbors kids were having some summer fun as we were filling up the pool.  Take at look at the pictures I took of them.

Summer is approaching due the HOT weather we had this weekend, in the mid 90s!

The Hubs attaching the pump hoses (Sweet Pea & O-man in pool)

Small Fry enjoying the water or should I say 'ladder'

My babies all together for a kodak moment

All the kids pose for another kodak moment :)

 Small Fry, always at the ladder, can't keep him

Sweet Pea salute to  Small Fry wondering what daddy is doing?

Everyone enjoying themselves...only 3 days of school left

Sweet Pea with her Pet Shop sea animals  (whale, crab & fish)

Small Fry wondering why mommy keeps taking

School is out Wednesday, May 25. My rugrats are sooo excited.  I let Oman skip school today so he & the next door neighbor kid could swim by themselves  I can already tell that the neighborhood kids will all want to swim everyday this summer.  Hate to tell them because THIS MOMMA will want to swim/lay out in the pool by myself without all the other kids around.  I need my privacy!


  1. TO TO FUN! we have an above ground pool too, its not the kind with a ladder but we still love it. ENJOY ENJOY! Love the new layout too. Hugs, Jenn P.S. THat bottom pic. of your little guy is to cute. ;)

  2. Looks like a "swimming" good time (ha!).

  3. We had that same pool at our last house - no room for it here :( I loved splashing about - looks like the kids did too! Wish we had a pool here this week - its been unbearable!