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May 3, 2010

My Blog Frog World

I've joined the BlogFrog community!  Are you a follower?  I would love for you to join my community :)  This is all new to me so I have a few discussion that are fun to join in on.  I look forward to seeing you all there!

A BlogFrog Community means we have a discussion forum on their site where readers can interact, ask questions, share blog content, etc. To participate in that discussion forum (and to have your blog content show up in their forum), you have to “join” their community.

You will notice I have the BlogFrog widget in my sidebar underneath my followers.  Click Join My Community button and it will take you to my community where you can join and interact with me and my other readers.

Come & Join Me


  1. Glad you've joined BlogFrog...I've been having fun over there. I don't get on too often (not enough time), but when I do I'll join in some of your discussions!

  2. This is fun...I started a community a while ago, but found that I didn't have time to manage that and my blogs. I am focusing on my blogs for now and I might drift back to Blog Frog later...

  3. I am a member but not sure if I am part of a community.

  4. Great looking Community page Heather! How did you get it customized with the background, header, and colors?