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April 6, 2010

Silly Bandz

What are Silly Bandz?
The hottest new fashion accessory - Silly Bandz are silicone rubber band bracelets that come in various shapes including basic, zoo animal, pet animal, dinosaur, sea creature, holiday, alphabet, princess, western and (seasonally) swim suit. These rubber bands return to their original shape when you take them off your wrist (or item their holding). Each pack of silly bands contains 24 pieces in 4/6 different styles. These silly rubber band bracelets are fun for all ages!  Collect them, Wear them or Trade with friends!

Right now, there is a fad in our school system as we speak and they are called Silly Bandz, Crazy Bandz, Wacky Bandz, and the list goes on.   One day, I was picking up my son & my friend's kids from school.  My friend's son had this rubber band that was in a shape.  I asked him what it was and he was like this is a Silly Band and everyone has them.  Owen was like, 'Yeah, everyone on the bus has these!'  The kids said you can get them at Walgreens so the next day we go to Walgreens and they are SOLD OUT! They said they can't keep them in stock.  A few hours later, my friend & I go to our local flea market and low & behold, there is a lady selling Silly Bandz for $5.00 for 24 pack.  I didn't buy any right then because I don't know what Owen would like.  They had so many to choose from.  I go home and tell Owen and we go back the next day to let him buy him some Silly Bandz.  He had $10 so he got two packs. He has already traded his for others.

Now he wants MORE!!!!  My sister had her son's birthday party this past Saturday and she found the Silly Bandz at a sporting goods store.  She put these bandz in a plastic egg and handed them out as party favors.  Owen & Avery were THRILLED!  Of course, Owen wants to go to this store which is a couple towns over but it only takes 15-20 minutes to get there.  He wants to go tomorrow but I decided I was gonna go on the internet and search for these bandz and buy them for him.  I bought a ton of them well almost all.  Thank goodness for those custom twitter backgrounds I make for one client that I was able to pay for these and plus we owe Owen $35 for his report card.  He gets $5 per A.

Here are all the websites I found on Silly Bandz, Crazy Bandz, etc.
The Original Crazy Bandz
Silly Bandz
Wacky Shapes
Bama Bandz (Love this website, pretty cute set-up)'

These bandz are such a hit, they did a piece on Birmingham, AL news, check it out

Does any of your school kids have these, Silly Bandz?


  1. This is the first I have heard of them.

  2. I've never heard of these before, but then my son is not in school yet.

    There are very cute though. It's funny the fads that go around schools.

  3. my day it was those slap bracelets. Anyone remember those? I haven't seen these at all, but they're cute!

  4. I remember the fads in the 80s I was into were the Garbage Pail Kids, Hackey-sacks, Friendship Bracelets you made & Jelly Bracelets

  5. He wants MORE - seriously? How many arms does he have? LOL. They are bracelets right?

    Never heard of a hackey sack but think I may remember Garbage Pail Kids...were they those ugly trading card things?

  6. He doesn't have that many silly bandz now for giving away or trading them. He gives to the neighborhood kids who don't have any. These are very, hard to find so that is why I purchased them online. I figured he could give some away since he will have over 100+

    Yes, they were those FUGLY, AWFUL looking cabbage patch kids cards which were called Garbage Pail Kids. Too funny!

  7. Hi Heather--
    If you can believe this, I've not heard of them in Vegas here. I work at an Elementary School, and Jeven is in Middle School so between both of those, I usually hear about the fads going on. Can't believe I haven't heard of these!
    They sound so cool :) They must be quite the hit! Thanks for sharing all the websites :)
    At our school right now Smencils are totally in... pencils that have different scents. We sell them at the front counter and all day long kids come up to buy them. They're cool and they really do smell good!
    Have a great night :)