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April 5, 2010

Easter Fun

We had a great Easter Sunday with both of my sister's family. We went to my middle sister's house out in the country. We chit chatted & had an egg hunt and later ate some delicious food. We had a ham, green beans, baked beans, stuffed celery, potato salad and deviled eggs. It was yummy!  We all have a great time being all together except my parents had to work :(

Later the kids went outside to play, mainly jumping on the trampoline and us watching my brother-in-law play with the cats using a fishing rod with a play worm on the end. LOL! After a while, we noticed what we were all sitting on. My sister was on an egg crate, my bro-in-law and me were on coolers. Now that is what you call 'Redneck Lawn Chairs'. LOL!

Below,  I have a slideshow of pictures from the egg hunt, video of the trampoline fun and a very cool picture of my sister's house.

Egg Hunt Slideshow

Evan & Ava on the trampoline

Here are the girls - Avery, Kayla & Jessica

Love her verse on her house!


  1. Ahhhh' sweet slide show, and videos. Kids really make our holidays so special. Love the saying on your sisters home... I want that in vinyl in my home. Hugs friend, Jenn

  2. Love the slide show. Nothing like family getting together and sharing food and fun!! Makes for wonderful memories!! TFS!!

  3. Aw, I love the slideshow of your kids! Glad you guys had a fun Easter. Looks like you had nice weather, too.