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March 13, 2010

Beginning of Spring Break

Today is the start of my kiddos school spring break and it's cloudy, wet and chilly outside, so looks like they are staying inside.   As of now, here are my plans, hopefully it all will be uneventful.

Monday & Tuesday, I am watching my 16 month old niece, so not much going on those days but playing inside & outside if the weather permits. 

Wednesday & Thursday, Mel is taking off work so we all can go bowling at the new bowling alley here in town called Strike Zone. (kids got free game passes from school). We've been several times and it's so much fun.  We also decided to go to the Memphis Zoo since we have a membership only if the weather permits.  Lets hope it doesn't rain so we can go to the zoo.

Friday, I was thinking of getting with a friend and going to a local park with her & her kids & having a picnic, again if weather permits.

** Recent as I say 'weather permits' is because with the Memphis weather it is usually rains on the kids spring break.

Last year on the kids spring break, Evan, had that seizure which caused him to go to the hospital by ambulance and jump in fever in 5 minutes from 99.5 to 104.1.  We found out it was a Febrile Seizures which he can easily happen again but he hasn't had one since. *knock on wood*


  1. My goal is to not live in fear of seizures. My daughter had two febrile seizures, a year apart when she was a baby and age 1. My son (Evan) spent his 1st birthday in the hospital (but out of ICU by then) due to a 3 hour long seizure...and with meds he's been seizure free since then.

  2. Oh WOW! You've been through a lot with your babies! I would have been scared to death with a 3 hours long seizure. That is fantastic no seizures since ;)

  3. We're on Spring Break, too! And my husband and I both have off, so I am really excited! Hope the rain stays away for you guys.

  4. Hope the weather clears for you can realize all your plans. Sounds great! My grandkids are on spring break too! But they live too far away for me to do anything with them....darn it.