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January 1, 2010

Goodbye 2009 - Welcome 2010

I've read a few so long 2009 blog posts with people telling about their year in 2009. I've decided to post mine.

2009 was & wasn't such a good year for us.....

February 2009, my baby boy who was 17 months old when we almost lost him. One night in February, I woke up at 4 in the morning hearing my baby boy kicking on his bed. It was very slow but I heard it. When I woke up and turned on the light to see what he was doing, he was face down on a wet sheet blue. He had mucus from his running nose drain into his throat and was choking on it. We immediately get the suction thingy and I suction out his nose & throat, he starts to get color back & breathing but is incoherent. We immediately rush him to the hospital. As we park, he sneezes and a lot of mucus came out. We get into the Le Bonheur ER in Memphis (children hospital) our little man is completely fine and running everywhere being his normal self. That night we did not elevate him or have a humidifier on him.
He does have a cold, running nose & mucus cough as we speak now so he sleeping with the humidifier and in bed with us elevated to not have a repeat of this terrible thing.

March 2009, again almost lost my little man, he had another episode. It is spring break and my sister & I decide we are going to take a trip to Babies R Us up in Memphis which is about a 20 minute car ride. We have my 3 kidos plus her baby girl at the time. During the last 2-5 minutes of the car ride, my oldest, Owen, tells me that Evan is cold, shaking so I needed to turn down the air conditioning so I did, not thinking anything. We park and my sister turns around to see Evan, blue & pale, like a sleep with his head slumped down. I immediately get out of the car and get him out of the car and bounce him up & down or I really don't remember, it was horrible to see your child like this and his color comes back but he is incoherent. My sister calls 911. I think maybe he choked on something and I try to open his mouth but can't. His mouth is close tight and won't open. I am freaking out but not showing it for my other kids. We lay him down on the ground waiting for the ambulance. People are walking by and trying to help us. One lady was a nurse and tells me he is having a seizure. Babies R US manager comes out and ask if we need anything and gets the kids a snack. Thought that was very nice. Fire truck get there first, they are working on him and stick my son with an IV needle and nothing, no cry, nothing. Ambulance finally gets there and they rush him into the ambulance and he immediately throws up with a 98 degree temp and seems fine. We arrive at the Le Bonheur ER in 5 minutes and he immediately gets a room and I notice he is burning up with fever. His fever is 103.9 in the room. They immediately give him medicine to bring the fever down. They did all kinds of test on him and came to the diagnosis of febrile seizures. Which is very common in children from 6 months - 5 years. They told me he could have another one with another illness or that would be his last. Most children out grown it by kindergarten. Evan has been sick since and no febrile seizures. There is nothing you can do for febrile seizure but to keep the child comfortable during and make sure their airway is open. I am guessing that when my oldest said Evan was cold, the shaking was from the seizure and went limp and his head slumped forward blocking his airway in the car. I was very lucky that we were at our destination and parked because if it was a further car ride, I don't think Evan would be here today.
GOD BLESSED US TWICE in one year. I am so grateful to him.

August 2009, our baby girl, Avery started kindergarten. She was ready to start school. During the summer, she kept asking is it time for school yet. She got the kindergarten teacher I wanted thankfully, Mrs. Pitner. Owen had Mrs. Ptiner and I loved her. Best kindergarten teacher I've had beside another. Owen started new school for only the 3rd, 4th & 5th grades. This immediate school is on the other side of town so I have him ride the bus. He loves his teacher and so do I.

Evan after Le Bonheur clinic visit
Evan with his new brace
October 2009, Evan, my baby boy or small fry, had to have a brace or splint on his arm due to a hairline fracture in his arm. Evan decided he wanted a banana while I used the bathroom. The banana is on the edge of our bar and the couch is a few feet from the bar. He decided to climb on the top of the couch and reach for the bananas and he fell. I heard him cry and finished my business to see what was wrong. He had a banana in his hand so I knew he fell but didn't see anything wrong until hours later. I noticed him not using his right arm and had it at an angle. I tried to move it but he cried so I called my hubby, he came home to take him to the after hours Le Bonheur clinic here in Southaven. They did an x-ray and came to find he had a nurses elbow which means he popped it out of socket and a fracture. We followed up with the orthopaedic doctor and they kept him in a brace for 3-4 weeks.

Avery contacted the H1N1 flu also in October. She was prescribed Tamiflu & anitbodics & soon recovered very quickly and thankfully no one else in the family contacted it. I was lucky that the doctor prescribed Tamiflu for Owen & Evan regardless of them not having it. It actually prevented them from getting it.

That rounds out my 2009 year of major events good & bad. Lets hope that 2010 is a better year for my little small fry, Evan.

I wish everyone a Happy New Year!!



  1. WOW!! I'm hoping for a less exciting year for ya. Holy moly. Thank God Evan is ok.

  2. Thank god Evan is okay. I am hoping for a better year for you and your family.


  3. so glad to hear your baby boy pulled through those awful episodes.. how scary. Here is to a better HEALTHIER NEW YEAR! ;) Hugs, jenn

  4. Holy cow...I hope Evan has a better year for sure! HOw scary that must have been for you! Here's to a new year!

  5. Oh heck that sounds like a very scary year. Well here's hoping you all have a happy, healthy and prosperous new year! I think I'll be grateful to see the back of 2009 :)

  6. First of all, you have Beautiful children! Poor "Small Fry"! I'll be saying daily Prayers for a safe 2010!
    And, I want to say "Thank You", for being so kind to offer your Backgrounds to others! You are truly talented and I appreciate that you let others use your work! Do you do personalized blogger headings and backgrounds? If so, I would be very interested and would certainly pay you for your work!
    Have a Blessed new Year! Jo

  7. You must have been scared out of your mind girl! I'm so glad he pulled through those scary episodes. Whew!! Pats on the back to you for holding it together in front of your other children. That must have been really hard to do. May you all have many blessings in 2010!!

  8. Heather--
    WOW--what a year you had! I'm so relieved and glad that Evan is ok--what a scare that must've been!!!
    Here's to a great 2010 for YOU and your family!

  9. Wow --scary episodes with your son. Both of my kids (who are adults now) had febrile seizures when they were babies. So very frightening. Hoping 2010 will be less eventful for you family & blessed with happiness and good health!! :)

  10. My husband had febrile seizures as a child. It was very scary for my mother-in-law. She said she would sleep with him when he was sick in case he'd have a seizure again. He did outgrow it though! I don't think he had them for very long.

    I hope this year is a healthy and safe year for your family!!!