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January 2, 2010

Wanna know Jared Leto!!!!

I've been in crushing on this man since My So-Called Life which aired on MTV back in 1994. He is my favorite celebrity. He is the singer/guiatist of a band called 30 Seconds to Mars with his brother Shannon who plays drums and a friend, Tomo on guitar  which was created in 1998. Although Jared Leto is a Hollywood actor, he prefers not to use this information to promote the band; in fact, the band refuses to play at venues that use his fame to promote shows.

Wanna get to know Jared Leto, click image to the right for his Q&A with The Guardian in the UK.

Tomo - Jared - Shannon

Links about 30 Seconds To Mars
Official Website
Myspace Page

Stronger by 30 Seconds to Mars (Cover from Kanye West’s “Stronger”)
It's worth the listen...Jared has an awesome voice!

If you want to hear more of Jared's band - 30 Seconds To Mars, I have a playlist at the bottom of my blog. Some of his songs can be heavy but mostly rock.

Click here to check out the new myspace layout I made for my page "30 Seconds To Mars".  It has been a long, long time since I created a myspace layout.  I was inspired by my friends playlist which she had a 30STM song and I was like I  need to hear their songs again.  I have both albums and going today to buy the new one "This Is War".


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