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December 14, 2009

Excited News of a Merge

To all my followers,

Leelou Blogs offered me to publish all my free blogger templates on her blog! Well, I took her up on her offer and transferred my templates, backgrounds & headers over. I will no longer be publishing blogger templates on this blog.

This blog will become my personal blog. (I don't have a personal blog which I should since I am a blog designer..hehehe) I hope you continue to follow this blog (my personal blog) I would love for you all to really know me ;)

My tutorials will also be posted on her blog but I will also keep them here.

As for the Backgrounds & Headers, I will also be posting those over at Leelou Blogs too and no longer on this blog.
***On a personal note, I will still help Louise at Adori Graphics on Freebie Fridays, these will be posted here and maybe on Leelou Blogs.

List of Blog Designers will also stay on this blog too.

No fear, I will post updates on this blog when I post new free blogger templates over at Leelou Blogs and giveaways from other designers as well.

If you want to keep viewing & using my templates, please go over to Leelou Blogs and follow!!!!
You will notice mine still have my picture & my name *Heather (Butterflygirlms)*


  1. I never comment so I hope you don't mind that I do. But this is great news! Your templates are so cute and I love Leelou's stuff too.

  2. You know I will support you and cheer you on whereever. I know all about Leelou, I have used their templates many times. YEAH' FOR YOU... CAN'T wait to see your personal blog now!

  3. I am so glad we are not loosing you! I was afraid that you were going away. I love your templates, you are very talented.

  4. Awesome partnership! I love LeeLou and your work will mesh perfectly w/ hers.

  5. I'm off to go check it out right now! Looking forward to your personal blogging!

  6. I'll definitely check it out...and I'm looking forward to getting to know you better!

  7. I like your templates and I don't understand why you don't get your own website. It would make perfect sense to me . I don't mean to be a party pooper though.

  8. Jackie, I don't feel the need to pay for a website right now ;) I am a cheap girl when it comes to the green stuff and I have some issues with the domain name right now. I already have a website (myspace layouts) using that domain name but I don't ever use it and someone else set it up for me..that's a whole other issue. Here is that site.

    I don't make myspace layouts anymore so I don't know what I am gonna do. I need to contact the owner again about this issue. I just may have to have .net instead of .com

  9. I'm glad we aren't loosing you too!! Thanks for all of your hard work!! I love all of your stuff!!

  10. Congratulations! I LOVE your templates.

    (and thank you for your personal help in the past)

    Happy Holidays!

  11. Congrats you DIVA!! Much love to you!!! You have come so far (hugs one of her babies) *winks*

  12. Hi there,

    Oh is it? Actually I love the way it has been. I love so much your creation, your love and kindness in every little things that give us. Nit only everything is made beautifully but it is free.

    Anyway, I respect your decision and look forward for more lovely sharing and your personal moments to share with us!:). and wish you all the best for your upcoming endeavor!

    p/s: by the way, i tried to find your layout named "precious" something but failed to find it there. Thanks in advance.

  13. Congratulations! I think you are very talented and could easily "stand" on your own, but since it makes more sense financially to go with LeeLou then I am glad it worked out for you.

    I will definitely keep following you! Anyone who does all you do for other people is worth following!

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