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September 15, 2009

Swine Flu & Pnuemonia - Update 3

My daughter, Sweet Pea, who is 5 years old and in kindergarten, came home from school yesterday with a fever, cough, running nose & watery eyes. She continued to run fever, spiking at midnight to 102.5. Since I knew the Swine Flu had hit my area's children HARD, I decided it would be best to take her in to see the doctors. Low & behold, she was diagnosed with Type A (H1N1) Flu & pnuemonia. Now since she has it, we have complications with Small Fry (2 years old) & O-Man (10 years old with asthma) getting it. The doctor prescribed Avery with antibotics & Tamiflu (twice a day for 5 days). the boys were prescribed Tamiflu (once a day for 10 days). If either one of the boys start running fever, I've got to up to my daughters dosage. My daughter has a follow-up appt. for Thursday. I am guessing if the pnuemonia doesn't ease up, they will admit her to the hospital. Please pray for us, that we get through this with everyone happy & healthy again.

UPDATE - Wednesday 9.16.09
My daughter did spike to a fever of 103.9 early evening around 6pm, so we gave her a lukewarm bath which lowered it immediately to 100.9. We are to rotate between Tylenol & Mortin. She did NOT run a fever during the night and so far today :) O-Man has a fever of 99 & Small Fry's fever is 101.3 at 12:30pm. Now, Small Fry is gonna get 2 doses of Tamiflu right along side Avery. If O-Man hits fever over 100 then he will get 2 doses as well but until then he is to take 1 dose. We are still not out of the woods until the pneumonia is gone. I will update again tomorrow after the follow up appt with the doctor.

UPDATE - Thursday 9.17.09
Just back from the follow up with the doctors, regarding the pneumonia & swine flu. There is NO pneumonia! No fevers from any of the kids since noon yesterday, said they could go back to school Monday, if no fever. Gotta continue with the Tamiflu until gone. Thanks for all your prayers :)

I am sick now but tested negative to Type A (H1N1) flu. Doctor gave me Tamiflu to be on the safe side. Hopefully I will be feeling better by the weekend.

UPDATE - Monday 9.21.09
Everyone is happy & healthy again! Owen & Avery were release today to go back to school.


  1. The Swine Flu is going through the school district that I work in. I will pray for your little ones!

  2. Praying for you...sorry to hear it's doing the rounds in your house (((hugs)))

  3. Awww! Hope she feels better. Poor baby. I'll say a little prayer for your kiddos.