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July 27, 2011

One Size Diaper Project: 20 Weeks (5 Months)

Padded Tush StatsOne Size Diaper Project hosted by Padded Tush Stats.  This project will show how a one size (OS) cloth diaper fits on  your growing child.

With this project I can see how Keoni grows in them.  I will try to do it every 2 weeks & then monthly, it all depends.   In the photos, I am using 6 different cloth diapers.  They are  BumGenius Elemental/Organic, GroVia AI2, Smartipants, Best Bottoms, Bummis Tots Bots Easy Fit and Happy Heiny One for ALL in Snaps

I did have 9 different brands of cloth diapers but sold 3 brand that I just didn't like or use very much.  They were the GroVia AIO, Blueberry Bamboo Deluxe & Rumparooz.

Keoni turned 20 weeks on July 13 and 5 months on July 23 and these pictures were taken around then!
He weighs 16 lbs 5oz & 25 inches long.

***BumGenius Elemental/Organic AIO (all in one)
This is my poo diaper..LOL! Never thought I'd say that! I absolutely love this diaper but I just don't like that it doesn't keep baby feeling dry since it's organic cotton and Ke gets a little red because of this. I am thinking of buying some Stay Dry liners to solve that issue.  Love that it's a pretty trim diaper.

***GroVia AI2/Hybrid
This is our 'going out' diaper. We usually use the biodegradable biosoaker disposable insert with it too which I love. This one I believe is a pretty trim diaper as well. Same problem here as the BumGenius Elemental AIO, need a Stay Dry liner for this one too. Absorbs a good amount, last us about 2-3 hours sometimes 4 depending.

***Smartipants Sleeve Pocket (which means pocket opening at each end)
Another great diaper I just fell in love with. Great fit for my little guy and I don't have to worry about pulling the insert out of the pocket, it agitates out in wash! Very absorbent with just the one insert. I can get up to 3-4 hours out of this one.

***Best Bottoms AI2 (all in two)
Another 'on the go' and 'poo' diaper we use. Very trim diaper and I get a great fit as well. Pretty great absorbency (about 3-4 hours). Only draw back with this diaper is the snap tabs are NOT stretchy and the diaper can leave faint red marks on baby.

***Tots Bots Easy Fit AIO/Pocket (this is actually a tongue pocket meaning the insert is sewn in and enough extra insert to be stuff back into the diaper which agitates out in the wash.) If you need more absorbency, all you do is add another insert inside the pocket. I absolutely love this diaper! Great fit, pretty trim and last up to 3 hours. Not a great poo diaper!

SAVES THE BEST FOR LAST...............

***Happy Heiny One in ALL Pocket (snap version) My all time favorite diaper!! It's super soft and very, very absorbent and keep him super dry! He lasted 4.5 almost 5 hours in this and it was just the newborn/small insert!! It's a very trim diaper..maybe the trimmest of them all!! This is the reason why I sold/selling off those other diapers to buy more of these!! They are FANTASTIC!

- Do you use any of these diapers? If so, please leave your thoughts on it.
- Which do you think is the trimmest diaper? Post a comment.

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  1. I wanted to try the Best Bottoms but I don't really like how the tabs look. They curl up when they are snapped. I also have concerns that the tabs aren't stretchy. The Happy Heiny's do look trim!