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June 28, 2011

Can't believe Keoni is 4 MONTHS OLD!!

My baby boy is 4 months old now. He turned 16 weeks on June 15 and 4 months on June 23, 2011 which was Wednesday. Keoni's 4 month well baby check up was on the 23rd as well. Keoni weighs 15lbs 10oz (50-75%) 25 inches long (50%) & 42 cm for head (25-50%). While at the doc visit, Dr. P told me to look at Keoni's bottom gums to see how swollen they were with the teething and said he'll have teeth pretty soon. Both his two front bottom teeth gums were swollen big time. He received his shots and he was a trooper, only cried for a minute. Mind you the nurse had to blow in his face to get him to breath quicker :(

He is rolling from tummy to back before the appt and now he is back to tummy as of last night...woohoo! He is giggling too and of course talking up a storm well cooing.

Thursday til Saturday, he was somewhat cranky with alot of drool, sleepiness & some whining which I assumed was from his shots but that wasn't all....Saturday night he was sooo cranky, I touched his bottom gums and he had 2 bottom teeth poking through. He had 2 teeth come in at the same time. None of my others did that. Poor baby and mommy didn't have anything for him. Now I do.

Today, Tuesday the 28th, he is doing much better and the teeth don't seem to bother him anymore but he sure is tonguing those bottom teeth. It's funny to see him push his tongue over them. Until his next check up.


  1. Oh, wow time is just going by. He is a cutie!

  2. he is an absolute chub a lub. I wub him. winks-jen

  3. Oh my goodness! He is darling!!! My grandson is 5 months old and I just eat him up when he is here with us! Such a precious age when they begin to laugh and their personality comes out! Looks like Keoni is one happy boy!