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May 23, 2011

Anniversary & Graduation

Over the weekend, Mel & I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary.  It is on May 22.

We had our anniversary date on Saturday.  We were crunched for time so we didn't make it to dinner.  Having the 4th kids takes some getting used too on getting out the door on time.  Anyway, we went to Target before movie and I scanned a few things on my iPhone for shopkick to get kickbucks.  My stupid iPhone wouldn't scan a couple items...ugh!! Overall, I got over 100+ kick points.   We arrive at the movie theater and it's packed as usual.  Got to our movie (Fast Five) and there was NO one in there so we were thinking hey maybe we can be alone..yeah right!  It was packed as the movie started playing, oh well.  Fast Five was by far the best Fast & Furious movie, I think it was better than the first.  I highly recommend you guys go see. it.  Sunday was our anniversary but we spent it to celebrate my niece's high school graduation.

Sunday was our anniversary and my niece, Kayla's high school graduation.  Her senior class is the very 1st class to graduate from her high school.  That's exciting.  It's hard to see kids grow up.  I remember when I was 17 years old, I spent my whole summer break babysitting for my sister when Kayla was 4 months old.  It was the best summer I had; believe it or not!  I loved that little girl!!
My niece is the one I circled in red.

We watched her take her walk of accomplishment.  It was a great commencement ceremony.  After the graduation, we went to her mom's house, my sister, for a little celebration for Kayla with a cookout.  She got over $500 from family & friends and a awesome laptop from her parents!!  We had a great time.  She is going off to college this fall & studying nursing.  She wants to be either a neonatal nurse or neonatal doctor.   This girl loves her some babies =)

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  1. Happy Anniversary friend. Your niece is darling and you are a great aunt for the support way to go. XO luvs, jen