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December 20, 2010

Update on Family &The Visit to see Santa

Hi everyone, I'm still here just took a break for a bit..  We laid my uncle to rest on Dec. 15.  His son did get married yesterday, it was a beautiful ceremony but bittersweet since it was exactly a week that my uncle had died.  There was a little drama but it was under control...mainly between my cousin (the one getting married), my dad & aunts.  I wish my cousin & his new wife a long, happy, healthy marriage.

Back to Santa!!!!

We took the kids to see Santa Saturday night in a cove in our neighborhood.  Just about every house in the cove is lit up and Santa is directly in the middle. 

Evan waiting to see Santa

Avery telling Santa what she wants for Christmas

Evan not really sure what to think....

Owen & Santa having a conversation about Legos and the biggest one they have seen...Owen's was the Empire State Building in the Toys R Us Time Square that was 8 feet tall.

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  1. Great pics of the kids and Santa!! How fun!!