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December 2, 2010

Christmas Fun: Coloring Pages

Yesterday, I was looking for some Christmas Countdown widgets to add to my blog and couldn't find anything I really liked.  When I realized I still had a PRO account to Widgetbox (place for creating & searching widgets), I searched on there and found a cute one and it's in my right sidebar ----->

The same person who created my countdown created some very cool coloring pages for Christmas.  If you want to color or your little ones at home want to color some Christmas pages, check it out below.

You can switch coloring pages, see drop-down option on the bottom of the widget.


  1. Love the countdown image and the coloring page is adorable

  2. I love both of those! What a great countdown!

  3. Love the countdown Heather! Thanks for sharing with us! Hope you are doing great :)