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December 26, 2010

Christmas Family Get Together

I hope everyone had a great Christmas holiday!!

We had a good time at my middle sister's house celebrating our family Christmas.  We had it on Dec. 23/.  It was kinda sad w/ my dad & aunt missing their brother.  Christmas dinner was AWESOME!!  I had 2 plate fulls.  I got some other Christmas pictures & videos to past in a few days.

At my sister's house for our Christmas dinner on Thursday, Dec. 23

My middle sister's famly

My older sister's famly + her future in-laws

My dad & aunt taking a moment to remember my uncle (their bro)

Kids playing the GameCube

Kids all GameCube'd out

Mel & Evan

My Aunt Susan's hubby, Willie, my middle sister, Tina, & my Aunt Susan

Some family gathered in living room

That's about it...that's all I got...there were more people but the flashing was


  1. Great pics!! Gotta love it when all the family can't get together during Christmas! Such a blessing!

  2. I awarded you with A Most Sylish Blogger Award...please feel free to stop by and see the post!