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November 30, 2010

Christmas Tree Decorating

Sunday, we put up our Christmas trees.  We have a Santa tree in our den which is where Santa leaves all his wonderful gifts.  In our living room, we have our family tree which is where mom & dad and any other relatives from out of state leave gifts.  

For the Santa tree, we decorated Sunday and I didn't take pictures (shame on me) of the kids decorating it.  Evan actually took this picture.  (looks like someone will be getting a toddler digital camera for Christmas)

For our family tree, Owen & I had a system down on putting up the tree.  He spread out the limbs and I put them on the worked out great!!  The Hubs always adds the lights and we had to wait on him to put those on and by the time he did add the lights, we were all beat and left the decorating for last night.

Owen using the stool to add an ornament at the top of the tree.

Avery & Evan putting their mark on the bottom of the tree.  
Evan was placing the ornaments too low as you will see in the last few photos.

This is Evan's first time decorating the tree.  He had such a great time doing it.  I believe it made him feel like a BIG BOY.  Although, we had a few, very low ornaments on the bottom of the tree.

Avery & Evan showing the candied, gingerbread ornaments.

Owen doesn't look like he's sure where he put an ornament while Evan & Avery find a place for theirs.

 Avery finding some icicles to add to the tree.

Still smiling after all that decorating except Evan who looks

Our family Christmas tree

We did make our own Christmas ornaments back in 2007.
Can you see Evan's hand & foot, he was only 3 mos old at the time.
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