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November 2, 2010

1st item bought for baby boy, Isaac!

Sunday, my older sister and I went shopping.  Now, I haven't been out shopping for the new baby at all.  Everything I see for a little boy, I don't like or they don't have any baby boy clothes, period.  We went to Kohls and we popped into the toddler section first so my sister could get my niece some winter clothes.  After that, I was like, I haven't bought this little boy anything yet so my sister and I jet across the floor to the baby/newborn section.  Low & Behold, there are TONS of baby boy newborn sets.  My sister found one I just fell IN LOVE with. 
Wanna see.............

What do you think?   His crib bedding will be this monkey theme so I thought this was fitting.  This will be one of the outfits I take to the hospital. 

Well this is the first item of clothing I have purchased.  I know I bought him some GroVia cloth diapers but I am not counting those.


  1. That is terribly cute, Heather!

  2. Very cute! I LOVED shopping for my boys when they were babies. And I love the idea of a monkey themed bedding. So cute!

  3. How cute Heather. I love the monkey bum its precious. Love that he will have monkey bedding. Seriously why can't we live by eachother. ;( P.S. I adore ELVIS and When he started singing to me HE! I thought Man' I really love Heather! XO mama!