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September 30, 2010

Past Halloween Costumes

Since October is approaching tomorrow, I thought why not post previous Halloween costumes. Mine will go back to 2006 before Evan was born..    
Click images to see bigger ;)

Halloween 2006
 Owen = Zombie, Me = Surgeon, Avery = Little Red Riding Hood

Halloween 2007
 Owen = Surgeon/Doctor, Avery = Princess,  Evan = Pumpkin (month old)

Halloween 2008
Owen = Pirate, Avery = Little Red Riding Hood, Evan = Penguin

Halloween 2009
Owen = Reaper Keeper, Avery = Witch, Evan = Pirate

What were your past Halloween costumes?


  1. Too cute! That is so fun.

    For my son's first Halloween he was a lion. His second he was Superman and his third he was a tiger. This year he is going to be Batman. I guess next year he should be a bear (hahaha).

  2. Great costumes!! The penguin one made me's SO CUTE!

  3. What little cuties! I must say the penguin has to be my favorite!

  4. I love these costumes, but he penguin is the one who really got me! Sooo cute.

  5. I love halloween costumes! Your kids a very cute!