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September 24, 2010

Little Man turns 3 today!

Today is my lil man's birthday.  Evan is 3 today...well at 5:09pm anyway.  He weighed 8lbs 6oz and 20 in long.  He was a big baby for me to deliver for my small frame.  He had shoulder dysplasia where the shoulders get stuck in the birth canal.  (sorry TMI) Not FUN, good thing I had an epidural.

Children grow up so fast.

Evan, 24 hours old w/ dad

Evan today @ 3 years old
We are having a birthday party tomorrow for him.  The theme is Handy Manny.  My sister is making the cake.  It's the Handy Manny tool box. (see cake below) The actual toolbox is one of his presents..sis needed the tools for the cake.  We are also having a SpongeBob moon bounce (I know not the theme) for the all the kidos to have fun.  The tribe will more than likely show up (tribe = neighborhood kids total of 10). His party will be at 2pm. The Hubs is grilling hot dogs for everyone if they become hungry and we have Capri Sun Waters too.  I think it will be a fun birthday party for my lil man.  

The cake my sis is making for Evan

I'll post pictures from the party Monday.


  1. Aw, happy birthday to him!

    That cake is adorable, BTW.

  2. How awesome is that cake?!

    Happy birthday to your son. :)

  3. Hope his birthday is a blast! That cake is awesome! The party sounds so fun!! Look forward to the pics!!

    Happy birthday to your sweet boy! :)

  4. Happy Birthday Little Man!! Love that cake!!
    It is going to be a fabulous party!! And a Sponge Bob bounce...oh my!! Perfect!!

  5. Happy Birthday to your little guy! That cake looks cute...can't wait to see pics! Wish we could stop by for a little bounce and some dogs. ; )