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September 16, 2010

Fall TV Lineup & Reviews

Anyone watch TV?  Be honest. I do!

One of my bloggy friend's posted about TV shows and it gave me an idea to review my Fall Lineup.  Actually, TV is a guilty pleasure for me.  I love to watch great TV shows.  Today, I have put together a list of my Fall TV Shows I will be watching and DVRing.  I plan on giving reviews of each show so check back often.

New shows this fall are in highlighted in Red.

SUNDAY:  The Amazing Race, Undercover Boss, Boardwalk Empire
MONDAY:  The Event, Hawaii Five-O, Chase
TUESDAY:  Raising Hope, Running Wilde, Stargate Universe, Parenthood, Life Unexpected, Sons of Anarchy
WEDNESDAY:  Terriers. Survivor
THURSDAY:  Vampire Diaries, The League, Fringe, Outsourced, My Generation
FRIDAY:  Supernatural, Blue Bloods

Let's hope some Tuesday & Thursday lineups are on Hulu because I can't watch/record all these shows at the same time!  Most of these shows I will record on the DVR.   I can record 4 shows at once with my AT&T U-Verse DVR...yay!

To find out the Fall Lineup, click here

What are your favorite Fall shows that you watch?
What new fall show do you plan to watch?


  1. I'm planning on watching Glee, my favorite show and the two new shows I want to try are Hellcats and Nikita.

  2. My fall DVR prioritizer goes like this:
    Bones, Castle, Psych (on hiatus for fall, but my favorite so I tape reruns), Melissa and Joey(TOTAL guilty pleasure), The Middle, Big Bang Theory (below Bones so I only get those if Bones is a rerun) and I'm going to try out Raising Hope.

  3. Did I mention I like Bones? Haha. Oh, and I forgot Chuck.

  4. You know, I think you did, Alison, I've never watched Bones but it looks soo good w/ some humor.

  5. My teen and I are such T.V. Geeks. Our faves are GLEE, 90210, My Generation, The Event, and Hawaii 5-0.

  6. I've heard lots of good things about GLEE! I might have to check it out :)