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August 4, 2010


Hello everyone!
I have a surprise to share.  
It was a surprise to us as well.  
We were totally NOT expecting this one. 
We are having baby #4
See for yourself....
Meet my new, lil munchkin due March 8, 2011

Wild right.  I went for my first OB appointment today.  Everything went smoothly & lil munchkin is growing & thriving.  We had a vaginal ultrasound as well. When I arrived at the ultrasound, the tech started measuring my lil munchkin. She was amazed and said I was a few in a million that the last menstrual period due date matches perfectly to the day on the measurements of the ultrasound. My due date will not change.  It is staying at 3.8.11.

The lil munchkin was very active at that tiny stage.  He/she was moving all over.  Heartbeat (HB) was fabulous at 169.  Everything is perfectly growing as should be.

I am having mild to severe nausea which is causing issues with me designing.  For some odd reason, the computer makes me sick. I am taking a break right now from designing on Leelou Blogs.  Hopefully, if the nausea passes, I will definitely be back designing.   My doctor prescribed me some Zofran, so I will see how that goes.   Hope everyone likes my surprise!


  1. Very cool surprise! Congratulations! Hope you are feeling better soon!

  2. OH' MY HEATHER' I have wondered why you have appeared MIA.... WHAT WONDERFUL NEWS. CONGRATS! I AM THRILLED FOR YOU! I too want another... ALL my friends but like 4 are prego with their 3rd, 4th, or 5th... IT MAKES it a tad hard. I am not having luck at the moment.... I better try harder wink wink! HUGS, LOVES, wish you well. FEEL BETTER FRIEND. jENN

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! That is so wonderful! :)


  4. Congrats! That is so wonderful!

  5. How exciting. Hope all goes well. Four will be fabulous.

  6. Wow that is so awesome. Congrats. I love ultrasound pics. CUTE

  7. Congrats! I hope the nausea passes fast for you! :)

  8. Congratulations!! So happy for you, I am baby # 4 so she/he will be a very happy baby ;)

  9. Congrats, Heather! That's exciting news! I sincerely hope you feel better soon!

  10. Wowza!! Congratulations!! Hope you feel better in no time :)

  11. Congratulations! That is super! What great news!
    Feel better soon!

  12. Awwww congrats girl!!! The 4 club is awesome lol!!
    March 5th is my sons 16th Birthday so Im gonna say March 5th. Lets face it, baby number 4 will come early *tee hee*

  13. Congratulations, mama!!!! I miss you terribly. Log on FB every now and then to chat with me, if you can. The kiddies go back to school Aug. 16.

  14. Oh wow! I am sooooooo pleased for you. I bet March comes around really quickly and you'll soon be meeting your lil munchkin :)

    Just replying to your email...

  15. CONGRATS Heather! So happy for you :)
    I've missed you this summer!