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April 15, 2010

Sorry about 'MIA' this week

My daughter was sick last week and seems now that I have caught what she had.  I am feeling a bit better but hope to be up & running again, hopefully, by the end of the weekend.  I'll be back with Freaky Friday next week.


  1. Well, being sick is no excuse for not blogging! ; )Seriously, I'm sorry you and your little one got sick. Hope you continue to feel better!

  2. I hope you are feeling great real soon!!
    Take care of yourself!

  3. hope ya feel better soon heather!

  4. Hope you (and your daughter) are feeling A-ok real soon!!! Jeven had it last weekend and I felt pretty lousy too. It was NOT fun! There's a bad stomach bug going around her school right now. I've sanitized so much at work (school) my hands are about raw!
    Hope your weekend goes well.

  5. I'm sorry your baby girl is sick. Hope she gets well soon (or is already as I'm commented days after this post).

    I love the new design here. It is AWESOME!! You are SO talented!!!