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April 24, 2010

Severe Weather, very scary stuff *Update*

*UPDATE 2:15pm*  Watch has been extended until 8pm now.  So far all has been fine, just a few thunderstorms.  Let's hope it stays that way.

*UPDATE 9:36am*  Tornado Watch still in effect until 1pm and we got pounded around 8am for about an hour but no tornadoes, thank goodness   The bathroom is still ready.  I didn't go to sleep last night till 3am.  I'm tired.  I want this over with. It has a green tint outside..yuck!

Friday, April 23, 2010

*UPDATE  9:29pm* We are still in a Tornado Watch until 3am and so far we have only had heavy rain.  You know I'll be up until this watch is over.  No sleeping for me...URGH!!!

We are going to have strong severe weather tonight into tomorrow.  This severe weather threat includes high winds, large hail, heavy rain & POSSIBLY tornadoes.  We are under a Tornado Watch right now.  I hate this time of year, Tornado Season, from April - June.   I've made sure I have batteries in my weather radio and pillows & nintendo DS ready for the stay in the bathroom tub for the kids, just in case.  I also got on Evan's monkey backpack leash in there to put on him, it scares me to death that I won't be able to hold on to my lil boy if there is a tornado so that is why I put that leash on him and wrap it around my wrist many times.  It's weird how you change when you have kids because before I had kids, I didn't really worry about severe weather but NOW it SCARES me.

I would love it if my readers would, please say a little prayer that this storm passes us by with no damage or injuries.

Click here and here to read more about what is to come in my area tonight into tomorrow.  We live in Southaven, MS - DeSoto County, which is somewhat a suburb of Memphis, TN.  DeSoto County borders Arkansas & Tennessee.


  1. Will pray for you and your family now. Stay safe & let us know you're ok when you can (((hugs)))

  2. Oh, I have vivid memories of sitting in the bathroom during my childhood in Dallas. Scary. Stay safe, I'll keep your family in my prayers.

  3. I will definitely pray for you hun!! Sounds like you are definitely prepared. That is good!

  4. WOw, that is scary, you are in my thoughts and prayers tonight! I hope it passes through fast, I'm happy to see you are prepared. Hugs!!!!!

  5. Hello Sweet Heather~

    that is very very scary... I will keep you and your precious family in my prayers tonight. I will pray for your safety and protection. Kids make you way way paranoid! Like the leash idea. My blog layout has been making me smile all day... I am so lucky to know you (even if its through the wonderoud web!) Hugs, Jenn

  6. We had our alarms go off two weeks ago. It scared me so much, I woke up at 11:43pm wondering what the noise was, and realized what it was. We have our shelter in the garage, but I'm the one waking up all the kids and cat to get into the shelter. lol But I don't wish that kind of adrenaline to anyone. Good Luck! I hope nothing happens to you guys.

  7. Hang in there hun - I'm praying for ya!


  8. And here comes a prayer from Sweden!
    I´m sorry for my bad Swedish and I don´t write in English very often.
    But when I was reading about your situation I wanted to say.....I pray for you!!!

    I can understand that you don´t like the weather-situation just now.
    Hugs and love from Sweden!