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April 29, 2010

The BIG Photo Challenge - Abandoned

The Big Photo Challenge

I am participating in a great new meme/blog hop party from Lousie (Adori Graphics) on her photography blog called Adorible Photography.

The BIG photo challenge is a photo challenge, which is based on a theme which is picked at random and changed each week. The themes are designed to be quick, easily achievable, for amateurs and new photographers and they can easily be completed in the house and garden. Everybody follows the same theme. Click button above for more information.

This weeks challenge theme is Abandoned,  My hubs is a woodworks hobbiest so this little abandoned cabinet was inherited from a customer which seems to me an antique but in bad shape and is on my back patio.  He made a replica of the cabinet for the customer.  I asked him to refinished it but he never answered me, plus I have no place for it :(

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  1. I can see the potential in the cabinet. But if it belonged to us we would probably just abandon it, too...we put things off like that! : ) Great pic!

  2. What a great cabinet. I would want to refinish it as well. It has potential!! But who has the time?? LOL!

  3. I am participating in the photo challenge too and was surprised to see someone had posted something already. It is a great cabinet!

  4. Great thinking on the cabinet :) You're so speedy with your entry!! Way to go!!

  5. Thanks for linking up your photo Heather - I can't believe how quick you got this up! I was still scracthing my head until this morning wondering just what I was going to post!

  6. Very nice.....I would love to see it refinished.

  7. Love the cabinet & the new blog look;-D