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March 19, 2010

Zoo Time

Our spring break has been good and bad. The first part of the week (Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday) were gloomy & chilly so we all stayed indoors. We did venture out to Walmart to get the kids a little something. We also went to lunch Monday & Wednesday so not so bad but we wanted to do more.

Yesterday (Thursday) was a beautiful spring day with sunshine and a temperature of 65 degrees...just perfect for spring break. We decided it was the day to visit the Memphis Zoo. As we were arriving, I was just a little shocked to see how many people thought that day was the perfect day too. We spent 3 hours in the zoo and boy, we were tired. We aren't usually that tired when we finish the zoo but I think it has to do with all the people there and dodging them..LOL!

Here are my pictures from our trip to the zoo.


  1. Cute pics! The zoo is always a good place to go, but the Phoenix Zoo is tricky. In the summer it's free to kids, which sounds great, but you would only go if you want to have a heat stroke. Spring Break is a good time...but you can barely move because of all the people. So I feel ya.

  2. Looks like a good time. We've gone to our little zoo a few times since the weather has been so amazing down here

  3. Darn~ I waited forever for the pics. to load... but it was taking to long. I am sure they are all darling. The zoo is always fun! Glad you all enjoyed yourselves. Hope you have a great weekend. Hugs, JGG

  4. Aaw that suonds like a good day! Tiring but good! :D

  5. Great pics!! I see you had your hands full there!!

  6. The pics are great!! I've always loved the zoo. :) Our Spring Break is this week. My kids are excited...not sure what we will do, if anything though. :)