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March 10, 2010

May Corey Haim Rest In Peace

Actor Corey Haim has passed away this morning around 2:15am, he was 38 years old.  They are reporting that it was of an apparent drug overdose but an autopsy will be done to truly determine the cause of death.  His mother was with him at the time of his death.  Here is the link to the article of his passing. 

*** UPDATE 3-11-10 ***
Judy Haim, mother of  Corey Haim, says that her son died of pulmonary congestion.
The grieving mother told Access Hollywood that the L.A. Coroner County's office gave her a "courtesy call" reporting its findings from her son's autopsy, which was completed on Thursday.  The autopsy, she says, found that her son had an enlarged heart, and that his lungs were filled with water. Corey Haim was confirmed dead at age 38 on Wednesday morning.

Corey Haim is best known for his roles in the 1980's.  If you are an 80s child, you know of all the movies, he has starred in.   His recent role he played was himself in the A&E reality series 'The Two Coreys" with his friend Corey Feldman.  It was canceled after the second season.  I watched it and let me tell you Corey Haim did try to get clean but his demons were taking over.

Here are list of my favorite movies he starred in:

Video of Corey Haim & Corey Feldman on Feb. 18, 2010, and Haim states he is doing well.

My heart & prayers go out to his family in this time of need.


    1. So sad!!!! DRUGS are just down right evil! I loved him in License To Drive!

    2. I just heard about this on the news and I couldn't believe it. I totally remember him from the 80's. Plus I watched him on the A&E show with Cory Feldman. So very, very sad.

      On a much lighter note, I love your new St. Patty's day background. Your backgrounds are still my absolute FAVORITE!!!!!

      Have a good day Heather :)

    3. This is so tragic! I loved him in Lost Boys. Such a shame.

    4. This is so sad!! My hubby called me this morning and told me. I really love the movies he was in and I pray for his family. Such a sad day!

    5. Oh wow. That is so sad. I used to love him.

    6. I cryed when i heard the news, he was my school heart throb, i still have a folder of over 200 pics of him that i just couldn't part with as an adult.. don't think i ever will now.. my thoughts are with his family x

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    8. so, so sad. LOVED him as Dinger in dream a little dream not to mention the lost boys of course! did you know he was in the very end of the lost boys, the tribe? RIP corey!! :'(