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February 2, 2010

The Fabulous Sugar Doll Award

I got another fabulous award yesterday from Elizabeth at YS Princess's Ideas, Resources & Reviews.  Thanks Elizabeth for passing this award on to me.  I'm super glad you think my blog is cutesy..hehehe!  I'm not sure exactly what this award means, maybe it means I am SWEET..hehehe!!  I am supposed to list 10 things about me then pass this on to 10 other people.

10 Things About Me
  1. Late most of the time
  2. Love to go barefoot
  3. Twilight Saga fan
  4. James Patterson fan (author)
  5. I have 2 older sisters
  6. I don't sleep under my covers, I sleep on top of the covers with a blanket, weird I know
  7. I chose the sex of Evan (my 2 year old), by timing my ovulation.
  8. I had eye surgery at 10 years old to correct my cross-eye-sight. Was not born with it, I was hit in the eye when I was 5 years old which caused the problem. (Walked in front of someone swinging and their foot hit me in the eye)
  9. Huge LOST fan (tv show)
10. I watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse every morning with all my kids.

10 Blog I Chose
  1. Jenglamgirl from LarsenLoves
  2. Jen from Jen's Place
  3. Alison from The Little Things
  4. Jami from Intentional Living
  5. Krista from All Things Krista
  6. SueAnn from SueAnn's Journey
  7. Amy from Welcome to my Crazy Life
  8. Louise from Adori Graphics
  9. Kristin from Whole Lotta Mama
10. Amy from The Adventures of JAMC


  1. Loved hearing more about you!!!! I can't imagine sleeping on top of my covers ha! I mummy myself. Your to generous you didn't have to give me two awards, but I will take it thankfully. Thanks "DOLL"

    p.s. LOVE THE Kill song by 30 seconds to mars! OH' AND I am a huge Twilight saga fan as well.

  2. Thanks for the award! What a nice surprise!

  3. Hey, thanks for BOTH of the awards :)
    And who DOESN'T watch Mickey Mouse Playhouse every morning??

  4. You need to grab another award for youself. AN AWARD FROM ME its on my blog!

  5. Hello
    I like all those 10 things about you...Specially watching Mickey Mouse.
    I like cartoons too... I have my own blog
    I write English Poetry...Hope you visit my blog.
    Sweet regards