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December 6, 2009

Santa & my kids

I just wanted to share a picture of my kids with Santa. We visited Zoo Lights in the city and they had Santa & Mrs. Claus for all the kids to visit with. Owen & Avery told Santa what they wanted and I'm happy to say that they just might get what they asked for. Evan isn't really understanding who or what Santa is all about yet but maybe next year when he is 3 years old. From left, Owen (my oldest), Evan (the baby), and Avery (my only girl).

Owen asked for a drum set and a Super Mario Bros WII game,
Avery asked for a kitchen and a Hello Kitty DS game (do they sell these)
Evan just wants toys especially cars, trucks and construction vehicles.


  1. They do indeed make that game:

  2. I miss taking my kids to see Santa. Oh well, time to start taking the grand kids soon....

  3. Cute kids :) Happy Holidays!


  4. What a great picture!

    How did you get it to snow across the photo on here? Very cool.

  5. Aaaw your kids are adorable!!!! :D

  6. Your kids are so cute...what a nice picture :)