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December 29, 2009

Fun Day & Super Mario Bros (Wii)

Today, my friend called me and asked me to pick her & her kids (10 & 9 year old) up to visit with us. She is recently divorced and living with her mom. So today her mom needs her car and she doesn't want to be stuck at home BORED. I agreed and went to pick all of them up. ps..Excuse my messy living room!

Owen got Super Mario Bros for the Wii from Santa and the kids are all playing it now. I would highly recommend this Wii game. It reminds me so much of the old Super Mario Bros on the old Nintendo but of course the Wii one is much more advanced in


  1. Thanks for the scoop Heather. We just got the I'm trying to figure out what games we should get! Hope your Christmas was nice. Happy New Year sweet friend :)

  2. We got the Super Bros game too. I've died so many times! lol. I love your new layouts, too. I used one for my blog!

  3. I loved the old Mario Bros! Your new designs are cute, as always!

  4. Just ordered mine. Can't wait. Glad you guys had fun! Love the new design. As always.

  5. I'm rubbish with our wii- even the kids games are too advanced LOL.