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October 26, 2009

*New* NavBar Option

Today, I found a new option in changing your NavBar color choices that I have to share with everyone. Now, there is an option for Light Transparency or Dark Transparency. See my previews below on what each option looks like.

Light Transparency

Dark Transparency

How to get to the NavBar Edit option: LAYOUT > PAGE ELEMENTS and then see below image:

Preview of Edit Option


  1. This is great! I never did like the colors of the nav bar. Thank you so much for the info.

  2. You gals are very welcome!! Welcome Sharon to my blog =)

  3. I love how it helps the navbar blend in with the rest of the blog.

  4. Wow! Thanks! I can't say I've ever looked at the navbar colors since I changed mine to black. Great tip!

  5. Thank you for this tip. I've just done it now. Easy when you know how!

  6. I would like to remove it all together, but I redid my blog using the new designer & now in the html I can't find anywhere the code.